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Hi! I'm Sydney

A certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, co-owner of Seven Performance and founder of Fit Life Fit Style LLC.  With nearly 7 years of experience, I have a true passion to helping others succeed not only in the gym, but in life.  

From a young age I was consumed in sports, I craved that euphoric feeling and as my collegiate soccer career came to a close, I hung up my cleats, but still yearned for that feeling.  I needed to find the path that led me spiritually, mentally and physically to what the body needed, not what it had to do. 

Graduating from West Virginia University with a BA in Biology and Psychology and not sure of what direction to go in.  My now husband Kyle, drew a 7 on a restaurant napkin, gave me the pen and said “now you complete it”.  The circle was formed and so was my foundation. 

As the co-owner of Seven Performance since 2014; I have created a holistic practice where I provide a network of professionals along with an individual workout program.  Focusing my skills on getting to know my clients in all areas of life, not just the physical side, has led me to a specialized personal training approach. 

Fit Life Fit Style LLC allows you to become a part of my family as I bring you 100% individual programming to achieve your goals anywhere! I love to keep it fun, challenge you mentally and physically and strengthen your life and style that already exists. 

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I build each exercise routine based on the individual needs of each client. Geared to improve an individuals strength, endurance, mobility and function.






Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition packages provide education, recommendations and motivation. I am dedicated in helping you transform and find the balance of your body and lifestyle.

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Welcome to the launch of my new website and my first blog post! My name is Sydney West, founder of Fit Life Fit Style and I am so excited to share with you MORE of what FLFS is all about! Inspiration, fitness, health, style, travel, and now a new mommy to be; ideas, how-to’s, advice, …

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